1Password 7 Adds Face ID Support, ‘Quick Copy’ Feature for Faster Copy & Paste – MacStories

MacStories have a write up of the latest big update to 1Password. There is enough hype everywhere for the iPhone X. I’ll happily stay away from that. It does, however, mean we have a slew of app updates on the way. I wrote about my preference for 1Password not too long ago, but already that post is starting to look dated. The improvements to the user experience keep coming. The new Quick Copy feature is a good example of the attention to detail from Agile Bits. They seem intent on eliminating little the little annoyances and friction that prevent users from using certain security features. They even tidy up interactions where third-party apps haven’t bothered to implement the system extension.

From Macstories,

First up is Quick Copy, a feature aimed at speeding up the process of filling secure information in apps that do not integrate with 1Password's action extension. Quick Copy is designed for those times when you're switching back and forth between an app and 1Password: when you copy a field in 1Password, exit the app, then return to it to copy another field, the field after the one you previously copied is automatically placed in the clipboard. For instance, if you copy your username, close 1Password, then open it again, the password field is automatically copied; if you copy your account's password, the one-time authentication code (the field displayed after the password one) will be copied instead.