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The Appademic is created and maintained by Jai Bentley-Payne. A philosophy and tech nerd from Aotearoa/New Zealand. The site is an outlet that falls somewhere between hobby and unpaid part-time job. All my work and experimenting is on either a Mac or iOS, but this is not an Apple fan site — far from it. In fact, part of the reason I started the site was my frustration with finding tech advice for doing academic work, or writing, that wasn't glorified Apple advertorial or bizarre consumer tech fandom.

The premise is to offer workflows, advice, tips, reviews, recommendations, and practical insight into technology for students and academics, researchers, writers, and other nerds  Although, much of what you may find here will, I hope, will be useful beyond that narrow scope. I make no apology for indulging all manner of tangent.

About this Site

Until I have a chance to write up the colophon in detail, here is some brief information about how the site is put together.

The Appademic began life on Squarespace. However, it was moved on pretty quickly once the restrictions of that platform became apparent. Squarespace is a great solution for somebody wanting a pro-former site very little maintenance. It wasn't for me.

It is now a custom WordPress installation built with the wonderfully flexible GeneratePress theme. GeneratePress is made by the incredibly helpful and friendly Tom Usborne. If you are interested in the GeneratePress premium theme, I suggest you buy it before Tom realises how much he undercharges for it. There is also a free version.

It is currently hosted by Cloudways. which I can thoroughly recommend if you need a highly tuned, managed hosting solution that won't cost a small fortune. If you would rather roll your own, Linode has the best performing, low cost servers I have ever used.  If you would rather avoid learning the witchcraft of setting up a VPS from scratch, Digital Ocean is even cheaper, with one-click installations that I would happily recommend to anyone.

I manage all of my domain names at Hover.


If you are wondering if it makes any money, the answer is not even close. The site is still relatively new, so it essentially runs at a loss.  If you wish to know more, or you would like to help this site keep the lights on. Please read the support page.

The Appademic doesn’t lend itself to the usefulness of comments at this point in time.  But, if you have any questions or feedback, or if I can help with anything, then please do get in touch via the contact links in the main menu. I am always very grateful to receive correspondence.  This will be a humble beginning, but a hopeful one at that.