What’s Been Happening, and What’s Coming up…

If you have been following this site for any length of time, you will no doubt be aware of the migration from Squarespace. In general, I’m really happy I went through with it. There is a lot more to take care of with a self-hosted WordPress site, and a whole lot more learning. Neither of those things bother me, but there have been some hiccups. If you’re ever weighing up a choice between the platforms, Squarespace has its annoyances, but WordPress comes with potential headaches. Over time these things will balance out as the power and flexibility of WordPress come to the fore. Good things take time, however.

Downtime, Mea Culpa

The past couple of weeks the site has met with some frustrations. For reasons too boring to cover in any detail, the site has been knocked offline on consecutive weekends. Not a good look, I know. I could have said nothing, resumed normal service, and hoped that nobody cared too much. That’s not my style. There is a personal aspect to writing a blog, and I tend to respect blogs that don't lose site of that. So if you came by during that intermission to be greeted by a giant error message, I apologise for that. Thank you for coming back again. This is to say, I’m aware, and I’m on it. The monitoring has been sorted.

Image Weirdness

Screen Shot 2017 12 01 At 3.01.54 Pm.png

Squarespace Migration
This is what some of the images looked like once they were imported from Squarespace (note: this is a screenshot, it doesn't slide)

One of the well-known pitfalls of the migration from Squarespace to WordPress is that some of the images come across all funky. One day I will document the chicanery involved in mitigating, and how to address the problems. I would look pretty silly if I did it at the moment. I have been working through the leftover issues as I come across them. Occasionally something crops up that doesn’t look great. 1

Screen Shot 2017 12 01 At 3.01.54 Pm.pngSomething else a WordPress blog has to consider that comes pre-loaded with Squarespace, is how to handle images for retina displays. I’m not suggesting a conspiracy