In Search of the Best Ultra Thin iPhone Case

The site is not really about this this kind of thing. So if this is something you are looking for, take it as a good sign I felt the need  to write it up. You see, I have a bit of a problem with the dropsies. It's bad, I drop my iPhone constantly. I’m both easily distracted, and often in a hurry.  I have recently taken up both mobile photography, and mobile music making. 1  Both of which are hazardous for handling devices. Being such a proficient a device dropper requires that I find the ideal protective case.  Preferably the best ultra thin iPhone case possible. In lieu of having an indestructible, scratch proof device I’d prefer a case that doesn’t feel like a case at all.

Its not a hill I’ll die on, but I do hate putting cases on my devices. If you’ve been carrying around a plus size iPhone, and you have to add extra bulk to it; that is some nuisance. To be honest, I find the fetishising of these devices troubling.  Then again, it’s not hard to indulge a little hypocrisy if you appreciate them as design objects. If you’ve ever carried an iPhone around with a case, only to take it off for whatever reason, maybe you know what I mean. Once out of its case, you suddenly get a sense that serious time is spent making sure people enjoy holding them. 3 Maybe that is why there is something about a case — with at least one notable exception— that seems to detract from an iPhone’s function.

The Search for a Super Thin iPhone Case

Put these things together in one heavy internet user and you get a search history loaded with queries like this: ‘ world’s thinest iPhone case’, or ‘case that doesn’t feel like a case’, or ‘magical, invisible phone protector for fumbling idiot.’ You get the picture. For as long as I have had the need, I have been on the look out for a genuinely protective, super thin iPhone case. You know, something that would allow me to never change my behaviour. That search history means I have found my share of bogus claims around the thinest iPhone case. From the weird, greasy rubbery, transparent ones that get all yellowy and dirty. To bizarro bumpers, adhesive skins, and so on. Most of those are either ineffective, or accentuate the problem. I’m difficult to please.

Eventually all of that searching turned up three options. First, I quite like the Spigen cases; some of them anyway. They fit the bill of producing a an ultra thin iPhone case. Sadly, Spigen feel compelled to make their branding unmissable. Then there is the official Apple leather case. Since they sorted out the buttons, it works nicely on the smaller sized phones . The problem for most people is that case is obscenely expensive.

Best ultra Thin iPhone Case

It was in looking to replace that Apple case that I came across Totallee.  They have a kind-of leather case. It’s not actually leather. Well, it has leather on it, but it's really polypropylene with a leather finish. 4 Its ok, but the standard version is the real hot tip. Without getting weird about it, somehow Totallee have absolutely cracked the code for the best ultra thin iPhone case. Their case is the closest thing I have come across to not having a case at all. Not just because it is super thin, but the texture is right. It’s minimalist, and yet still protective. Putting your iPhone in the ultra thin Totallee case doesn’t make it feel weird to hold. More than that, it’s not festooned with any brand. Actually, if it matters to you, the Apple logo is still visible if you buy a complimentary colour.

I like it. Enough said.

You can pick them up on Amazon via the links below  

iPhone X

iPhone 7/8

iPhone 7/8 Plus

iPhone SE

  1. Strictly amateur ↩︎
  2. Some people take it way too far ↩︎
  3. Of course, they screwed that up too by making them slippery as hell over the past few iterations. ↩︎
  4. Did it feel as weird to read that as it did to write? ↩︎
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