Apple Giving Away Free Beats Headphones with Education Discount

Apple is sweetening the pot a little this year for anyone eligible for the education discount, in the UK or US. That means — in their own words — current and newly accepted college students and their parents, as well as faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels. Basically, if you buy a Mac or an iPad Pro directly from Apple, you will get a pair of Beats Wireless earbuds, or headphones [^Depending on what you buy].

Tidbits: Your Favorite Mac Markdown Editors

Something I intend to cover in more detail, time willing, is how to use Markdown for academic writing. I made a quick case for using it for note-taking here, but I really need to cover it in more detail. If, however, you are already aboard that train, then you may be interested in checking out the latest poll from Tidbits on Markdown Editors. I might not have thought to cover BBEdit myself, but this is a nice reminder of its popularity.

Setapp Introduce Education Pricing

Setapp have added education pricing to their already valuable service. I have already written about the usefulness of the platform here. The discount is only available on an annual subscription, but the savings make for a compelling reason to pay for a year, once you have had a look at the 1 month free trial. Signup for Setapp here

Working with Drafts for iOS

Gabe Weatherhead oover at has a nice post on how to setup the excellent iOS note-taking and automation app, Drafts. If you haven't ever come across Drafts, there really is nothing quite like it when it comes to capturing and processing text on iOS. The JavaScript engine that drives it allows for endless automationpossibiliies, from the mundane, to the borderline riduclous.

Learn Anything Mind Map

Where to start with this. In the developer's own words: ‘The main goal of this project is to expose human knowledge in a visual and structured way to accelerate learning'. The result is a kind of meta-mind map of research pathways across the internet. If it hardly scratches the surface of some areas, it offers a start at least, and where the internet is concerned that is always more than it seems. Moreover, this is an open source, living project with different implementations. The title link will take you to the version hosted by Mindnode, but the Github project is well worth exploring.

Academic Writing in Markdown

Nicholas Cifuentes-Goodbody has a series of Youtube videos on academic writing in plain text. This one covers Markdown, but he also looks at Latex, Pandox and Marked 2, among other things. This is an excellent introduction, especially if you are the kind of person who benefits from a visual guide. It includes a primer, but if you don't need the basics, you can skip to the demonstration that starts aroud 5:00

The entire channel is worth checking out.