Say Hello to 1Blocker X – 1Blocker

The makers of the popular Safari content blocker, 1Blocker recently released an new version of their iOS app.  You can obviously read the details via the link. In addition to refreshing the codebase, with 1Blocker X they have managed to implement a workaround for the hard limit of 50,000 blockers imposed by iOS.

Soon after releasing 1Blocker in 2015 and adding more features (Whitelist, Hide Elements, Make HTTPS, iCloud sync, etc.) and extending our rule sets, we found out that we are about to hit the limit of total number of rules allowed for a Safari content blocker extension. Apple set the limit at 50K rules, and we were already at 49K. We wanted to block more unwanted content and keep adding more features, but were frustrated by the limit of 50K rules. The only solution to that problem is to create multiple extensions within 1Blocker that independently manage blocking in Safari. However, that requires rewriting the app to handle all these new extensions.

It says a lot that 50k isn’t nearly enough to control the dumpster fire created by the contemporary internet. Tracking users online has become so sophisticated that a content blocker isn’t about to stop it happening altogether. But, the least you can do is make it hard for would be trackers. Throw in protection from crypto miners, and other nefarious actors, or even improve the internet by blocking comments!  The introductory price of US$4.99 looks a bargain.