How to Support The Appademic

You can subscribe via RSS, or through Twitter, or sign up for the mailing list in the main menu.

Beyond subscribing the best way to support the site at the moment is to simply share. Sharing posts, or getting the word about the site in general will help it grow. Getting a project like this off the ground takes a serious amount of effort, time, and a lot of hard work. It might not seem like much, but sharing links is one of the most important things you can do for a site like this.

Of course, keeping the lights on requires the site to work towards breaking even over time. For that reason the site uses affiliate links where appropriate, generally all links to iTunes content are affiliated. The Disclaimer page covers this in more detail. Following the links if you intend to purchase something I have written about here is a way of contributing to the site. The site is also affiliated with Book Depository

In time I will look at other options for supporting the site, but for now this is it. In saying that, feedback is also a very welcome source of support. If you want to offer any thoughts, alert me to problems on the site, or if you just have a question, you can reach me on Twitter @skeptimania. Having not been a keen user of social media for some time, and having never been a Twitter user at all until recently, don't be surprised to find it quiet over there, but I have it on my list of things to get better at. There are also links for Reddit and email on the main menu. If you do contact me, rest assured I will respond one way or another.

Whether you can or even want to support the site or not, thanks for stopping by, I hope you find something you like.