Migration All But Complete

Don't ever let anyone tell you it's easy. Trust me it isn't. Not for all the fiddly things you might forget, and little things that break. Nonetheless, here we are. WordPress. The migration is all but complete. In saying that, there could be — in fact there definitely are — errors on the site. There remains a cleanup job, for images in particular. So, a few things might look a little weird for a brief moment, but I am working hard to sort such things quickly. If you do happen across anything that is busted, annoying, or just plain stupid — please drop me a line. I am the world's worst twitter user, but I will get pinged if you contact me there. Email is good.

Thank you for your patience. The support for this site has been amazing already, despite its infancy. I look forward to being able to deliver something more comprehensive and useful now that I have broken the prefabricated shackles of a proprietary platform. Onward.