Week Links – Monday, 16 Oct 2017

Developer Demonstrates iOS Phishing Attack That Uses Apple-Style Password Request – Mac Rumors – Enabling two factor authentication might be best practice, but vigilance and sound password management are still the keys to keeping your credentials from being fleeced. For more on this, Michael Tsai has one of his trademark link roundups:  In-App Apple ID Password Phishing

Evil Blogger Attacks Defenceless Transnational Megacorp | discchord – I’m not sure I would go this far, although I do like the metaphor. For one thing, Apple’s interest is piqued when their own apps are involved. Secondly, audio issues will affect podcasters as much as musicians — well, almost as much. 1 As for anyone wondering why podcasts should be of any more interest to Apple, consider how much free marketing they get from all the fan casts out there. Don’t worry, I’m well aware that my toes are in that same pool, but at least I have the good sense to feel dirty about it.

What Ivanka Trump Knows about Ed-Tech – More than a few hints that some kind of bot wrote the essay in question. Either that or it is the product of infinite MAGA Monkeys. A kind of epic, simian version of The Influencers

Collaborative Annotations You May Want to Join | ProfHacker – Examples of collaborative annotation projects using hypothes.is. If you haven’t yet looked at hypothes.is in action, the results can be mixed, but it is a great example of interactive open web technology. The potential is enormous.

Scientists Can Read a Bird’s Brain and Predict Its Next Song – MIT Technology Review – Having a technology fetish doesn’t make one immune from feeling terrified by certain developments. Being a cynic makes it inevitable.

How Video Games Satisfy Basic Human Needs – If you feel guilty about procrastinating by playing video games, it could be you are just satisfying a basic human need.

Tim Cook Says the Tech “doesn’t Exist” for Quality AR Glasses yet | Ars Technica – Notwithstanding the fact that Google Glass was a huge failure. Black Mirror gave me the creeps on this topic. Still, whenever this code is cracked glasses will be halting point, Robert Scoble made sure of that.

  1. Yes, there are podcasters recording on iOS